6 Seconds Abs

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6 second abs

15 x More Effective than a regular crunch!

Want the perfect body without having to grind in the gym for hours and hours everyday? Luckily for you, the 6 second abs machine targets specifically the most prominent abdominal muscles to create that toned and sculpted look, sure to impress those around you. 

  • Comfort: its layered with padding to prevent discomfort,
  • Adjustabe settings: able to adjust the resistance between six different levels!
  • Efficient: 15 times more effective than a regular crunch,
  • Convenient: this powerful and easily stored device will help you swiftly mould those 6 pack abs you always wanted!


Comes complete with:

  • 6 second Ab Crunch machine
  • "How to Use" DVD
  • "Diet & Exercise" Program booklet
  •  22 inches
  • width 45cm
  • height 8cm