Massage Belt

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Twin Motor Massage Belt

Get fit and Relaxed with minimal effort!!

This multi-functional massage belt is your key to keeping fit, and being able to relieve stress and relax!  Its convenience for easing stomach, neck, shoulder, upper back and calf problems, is primarily due to its dual motor powering.  Whether its toning your abdominals, or relieving aches and pains, this product is sure to create results...FAST!

  • Burns fat and tones your body: The unique oval-shape belt will fully cover your body helping you obtain the perfect slim tone.
  • Provides a deep tissue or relaxing massage: Ergonomically designed, this two-motor massage belt will give you the most gentle and exquisite massage you could imagine.
  • increases blood flow & oxygenation: Promoting better digestion
  • Perfect for fitness workouts: Use before or after a workout - warm up and loosen muscles to get more impact out of your exercise session. After a workout, use the slimmer belt to reduce muscle fatigue and prevent soreness. While concentrating on massaging acupuncture points, it stimulates the blood circulation, eliminates the pain and stress and reduces the occurrence of lactic acid.
  • Easy to use: The portable and easy to operate LCD controller allows you to have total control over every massage movement under your control.
  • Convenience: Use at home or in the office with a reliable secure adaptor
  • There are 4 massage modes with 6 adjustable intensities for you to choose.
  • The perfect gift: For someone special


Complete Pack comes with:

  • Twin Motor Massage Belt
  • Adaptor: 24DC 2A Power: : 48W
  • Convenient Carry Case
  • LCD Handset



Rated Voltage: : 24DC 2A Power: : 48W